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How to choose the right carpet cleaning company

Choosing the right carpet cleaning company can seem confusing as there are some misconceptions around carpet cleaning and carpet care. Here are a few tips for you to follow when selecting a carpet cleaning company to clean the carpets in your home. Know what services you want before you call. Do you want only the…
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Pet-Proofing Extends Carpet Life

Our four-legged friends love the outdoors. So much so that they often bring the outdoors in when they return home. Short of standing guard at the door or pet flap, there are some things you can do to protect your carpet, rugs, and flooring from assaults by your four-footed friends. Our four-legged friends love the…
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Consumer Awareness Guide

How To: Choose a Carpet Cleaning Company! Why: Do Your Carpets Ripple? How To: Repair holes and tears! Advice: For Pet Odors and Stain Problems! Education for Consumers: Hello. Phil Dreessen here, thanking you for giving me this opportunity to provide you with this informative guide about carpet care and tips on selecting a carpet…
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Save Huge Expense by Extending the Life of Your Carpet

Good carpet is not cheap. Chances are that you paid a lot for your floor coverings. Your carpets can outlast furniture and even your design taste with proper care and cleaning. Regular vacuuming is at the top of the list. Letting your carpet and rugs become soiled by dirt and grime can lead to irreversible…
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Don’t Let Game Day Fumbles Ruin Your Sofa

Dropped passes are part of any football game, and they don’t just happen on the field. Passing a bowl of dip and chips across the family room to your wannabe cheerleaders can result in an incomplete. Flag down. Guacamole down and everywhere. When it happens on your sofa or carpet, it’s time to call A…
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’Tis the Season to Save Big on Carpet Cleaning

The holidays are nearly upon us, and there’s plenty to do to get ready for company. That means lists – shopping lists, gift lists, to-do lists. When making your Things to Do list, don’t forget to include a professional carpet cleaning by A Personal Touch to make your home look and smell fresh throughout the…
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5 Consumer Tips

Carpet cleaning services are largely unregulated, and shoddy work may not only make matters worse, but could invalidate a carpet warranty. Here are five things to consider when selecting a real professional carpet cleaning company that will keep an investment safe, and a carpet warranty intact: 1. Professionalism – While unregulated, the carpeting cleaning industry…
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Beware of Bait-and-Switch Offers

Mailboxes and airwaves are full of carpet and duct cleaning companies that make offers that sound too good to be true. “Get a Whole House Carpet Cleaning for $69!” “We’ll Clean All Your Air Ducts for Only $49.95!” Well, as with most things that sound too good to be true, they are. Things have gotten…
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Maintaining your Investment

The wrong carpet cleaner can over wet your carpet, leave a sticky residue or use products that discolor your carpet over time.  The more carefully you maintain your carpet, the longer it will last. How to care for your carpet • Take a proactive approach to vacuuming.  Vacuum a minimum of once to twice per…
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