Five Common Carpet Repair Mistakes

Some jobs are best left to professionals. However, sometimes the lure of saving money and trying to handle a problem right away are too strong to ignore. Here are five common carpet repair mistakes we’ve seen from people who opted for the DIY route instead of calling the pros at A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning in Littleton.

Incorrectly Restretched Carpet

While it’s true that a homeowner can rent/buy the tools necessary to restretch his own carpet, the process is still complex and physically intensive. Several mistakes can occur: for example, when first pulling up a corner of the carpet from the tack strip it’s attached to, some people pull too hard and unravel the carpet fibers. Another common error is when a homeowner pulls the carpet up too far and passes through a doorway. Doing so risks breaking the seam that attaches the room’s carpet to the hallway carpet, and if the seam breaks you’ll need a professional to fix it.

Waiting Too Long to Remove a Stain

Carpet stains should be addressed immediately, lest they become permanent or render themselves extremely hard to remove. Some stains become embedded in a carpet’s padding and/or pile. Other stains, especially from liquids that contain acids, will actually eat away at a carpet’s fibers. Even if you tried to address the stain right away and failed, the smart move is to call in a professional carpet cleaner.

Renting a “Generic” Carpet Cleaner

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to visit a rental shop or grocery store and rent a “generic” carpet cleaner when they want to try and remove a stain or give their carpets a once/twice-a-year cleaning. The misconception here is that a standard carpet cleaner can achieve the same quality and thoroughness as the machines used by professional carpet cleaners. In truth, they don’t really come close. Another problem with renting a carpet shampooer or steam cleaner is the fact that many of these machines lack adequate service. At best, an un-serviced machine will have minimal effect due to clogs and/or damage. At worst, it could exacerbate the carpet issue, especially when you consider that an uncleaned machine could very well be bringing someone else’s dirt and grime into your home.

Using the Wrong Carpet Cleaner

In one’s haste to clean a dirty carpet before the dirt/stain sets in, it’s not unusual to grab something from your home or off the store shelf that you think will serve as an adequate carpet cleaner. Unfortunately, what sometimes happens is that a homeowner uses a “non-carpet” household cleaner that ends up making the situation worse. This is especially true if you mistakenly use a cleaner that contains bleach and/or other harsh chemicals, which can permanently discolor carpet.

Mistaking Carpet Deodorizer for Carpet Cleaner

If something happens to your carpet and you’re out of carpet cleaner, note that carpet deodorizer is not a suitable substitute. Deodorizer powder/spray isn’t useful for removing stains or cleaning dirt. The powder especially can be a pain since the average vacuum cleaner won’t suck it up, leaving it to accrue in the carpet and possibly make the carpet look even dirtier.

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