Pet damage ranks high in service calls for professional carpet/upholstery cleaners

LITTLETON, CO – A friend of ours has a new puppy – golden lab mix – who is, of course, cute as a button, playful, loving, fun – and just a little bit messy.

New puppies take a while to learn potty training, and then a little more time to get it right. Accidents happen – especially these days with everyone in the household working, the kids at school and that endearing puppy, or old friend grown-up dog, is left alone at home for hours at a time. Even confining the furry family member to a specific room only helps marginally – and what with all the freezing temperatures around the holidays and early January, what other choice could there be?

Always among the top reasons people call A Personal Touch for services is damage, stains and odors left by our fuzzy friends. And no wonder – according to the 2011-12 National Humane Society Pet Owners Survey, there are 78.2 million dogs in America, with 39% of American households welcoming at least one dog into the family (of that number 40% have two or more dogs). And cats – yes, they are loveable too but also leave behind odors and stains – well, there are some 86.4 million of them out there, in 33% of U.S. homes, and more than half of the cat lovers have more than one.

Plus, it isn’t all odors and stains from accidents that cats and dogs leave in our homes. Much as we try to dissuade them, these fluffy friskies have a well-known propensity for sleeping and otherwise lounging on the couches and chairs so sometimes it seems as though we got our furniture at a pet-factory sale.

With pets, it is generally the carpets and the upholstery that take the beating when the dogs and cats have to go, get ill, or just when they lounge around leaving hair all over the place. And don’t forget that pets are not especially good at wiping their paws when eagerly coming inside from a muddy yard, and that too leaves a mark.

At A Personal Touch our specialty is addressing the problems left behind by pets. Cleaning the carpets and upholstery is where we made our reputation, so there’s a never a worry that we can’t get those carpets, chairs and sofas back too pristine, company’s-coming shape in no time. Besides, a good cleaning by a professional from time to time is most often recommended by the carpet and furniture makers, and it help these expensive items last for years in beautiful shape (even if you don’t have pets!).

But the real thing to worry about after some pet damage is the odor. Removing stains from the outer, visible layer is only half the job. Our highly trained technicians no how to go below what can be seen, reaching the stains and odors on the underside of carpeting, in the carpet pad and, in extreme circumstance, even the sub floor beneath. Same goes for upholstery – we work diligently, and expertly, to make sure we neutralize the pet odors in the padding. Left unattended, pet odors can linger in your home for ever – but treated quickly in the proper way no nose will ever know.

A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning offers multiple pet clean-up options, including carpet cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, removal or repair of damaged carpet, and upholstery cleaning—the result of pets who like to get comfortable on the sofa or couch. If you have a pet – and it looks as though up to 40% of you do – give us a call at 720-344-2870 and we’ll mind their messes with expert care.

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