Preventing Water Damage

It’s Spring in Colorado and we’ve been getting a lot of rain lately! If you want to prevent water damage to your homes and floors, you must first learn where to look for the invisible causes of water damage, those that are a little harder to detect if you don’t know where to look.

These tips will help you to detect and prevent water damage and will help you save money and keep your house in good shape, preserving its value for many years. While you can control some of the causes of damage, others are harder to detect. Here are a few areas you should consider when looking for hidden leaks.


Plumbing equipment usually develops leaks due failures in joints or hose attachment. Internal wall leaks are even harder to discover and can cause major damage because the leaks aren’t detected until there is a bigger problem. Look for stains or discoloration on walls, ceilings and floors as this could be a sign of water damage.


Unpredictable spring and summer storms, floods, and other water accompanied disasters such as hurricanes, blizzards, and tornadoes are some more reasons for water damage. Check around your home if you see standing water.


Water heaters, washers, and dryers tend to crack over time, allowing water to trickle under or behind the appliance. Although these appliances will start leaking slowly, over time this leak can cause major hidden water damage. Check your hoses to ensure connections and conditions and look behind and under appliances to check for signs of water damage.

It is recommended to inspect your home periodically to ensure that it stays in good condition and there are no signs of hidden water damage. 

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