How to Remove Candle Wax From Carpet

Theres a chill in the air and the leaves have fallen off the trees – these are signs that winter is on the way, and with it the holiday season. Now that its getting colder, its tempting to light a few candles. After all, whats not to love about candles? Their ambiance and scent can make any home feel warm, cozy and inviting.

Theres a downside to candles, however, aside from the fire hazard – melted candle wax can drip onto your furniture or carpets if youre not careful. So what can you do to remove candle wax from carpet? Here are the steps you need to take to prevent that melted candle wax from becoming a permanent stain.

5 Simple Steps to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet

1. The first thing you want to do is to get the melted candle wax to harden as quickly as possible. Grab an icepack, a bag of ice, or even a bag of frozen vegetables and use it to freeze and harden the wax. This will help to keep the wax from seeping further down into the carpet fibers, which will make it even more difficult to remove.

2. Once the wax has hardened, scrape as much of it off as you can with a butter knife or other dull object (dont use anything sharp – you could end up cutting the carpet fibers). You can even break off the larger chunks of wax and scrape the rest off as best as you can.

3. Get out your vacuum cleaner and vacuum up the wax pieces. Still have wax in the carpet fibers? Try using heat to get the rest of it out.

4. For this step, youll need an old (but clean) cloth or T-shirt, if you can spare one. Otherwise you can use a paper towel or brown paper bag. Youll also need to use an iron set to the lowest heat setting.

Put the cloth, T-shirt, towel or paper bag on the wax and slowly run the iron on top of it. The heat from the iron will soften the wax, while the cloth or paper will help draw the wax out of the carpet fibers. You may need to do this step more than once to get all of the wax out.

Remember to put the hot iron on a book or baking sheet to prevent it from burning your carpet if you accidentally knock the iron over. We have repaired burned carpets from hot irons, so this step is critical!

5. If the above steps fail to remove the melted wax from the carpet, then call A Personal Touch for professional carpet cleaning. We serve the Denver metro area including Littleton, Parker, Castle Rock and more!

We use a powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning system that can help remove not only candle wax from your carpets, but also gum, tar, rust, pet stains and odors. We also offer upholstery cleaning services, so if youve spilled candle wax on a sofa or chair, we can clean that, too.

Having your carpeting professionally cleaned once a year is your best bet for keeping it clean and allergen-free all year long. If youre due for a professional cleaning, contact us today so that your home will be ready to welcome your holiday visitors!

Remember at A Personal Touch, we don’t cut corners, we clean them!


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