Should I repair, restretch or replace my carpet?

It’s been unseasonably warm in Colorado this December. Coming in your back patio door from the sunny outdoors, have you looked down and noticed your carpet is a little worse for wear? 

Perhaps you want to refresh your home before the snow flies, but you have questions. Would it be better to repair the carpet, maybe restretch it, or tear it out and start all over? 

Carpet repair

Let’s start with carpet repair. Look at your carpeting again. Is it fraying a bit? Do you have a couple of burn holes from a kid’s chemistry experiment gone awry? Is it torn from the time your cat was having a hard day? 

Our professionals can cut out the area around holes and tears and patch it with identical carpeting. If you have leftover carpet from installation, and the area is small, we might be able to make your repair almost invisible. Larger areas might be more difficult to conceal, but we can usually make a repaired area look much better than the burned or torn area. 

If your carpet fraying is near a seam, we may be able to fix it by resealing the seam and power stretching your carpet to close any gaps. Carpet repair is always more economical than total carpet replacement and it can help you maximize the years of wear left in your carpeting.

Carpet restretching

Loose carpeting and rippling is most often caused by poor installation. Those bumps, bubbles and waves in your carpet are not only ugly, they can be dangerous trip hazards. Rippling can make it impossible to open doors or navigate through your home with a walker or wheelchair. It’s best to get any bumps in your carpeting repaired immediately to save your carpet from further damage and to promptly remove hazards.

We use a “power stretching” method to remove the bumps from your carpeting and ensure your carpet lies flat over your carpet pad. Our experts can determine if you can refresh your carpet with a bit of judicious restretching rather than carpet replacement.

Carpet replacement

Carpet replacement should be your last resort. Many times you can get years of wear from your carpet by starting with a good, deep cleaning. We use a powerful, truck-mounted cleaning system to remove stains and odors. After cleaning, we can protect your carpet with Dupont Teflon carpet protector. 

Your carpet may have years of life left in it. Cared for carpet can last for decades! We can help you save money and make your carpet look like new again. Protect your original investment with carpet cleaning, repair and restretching from A Personal Touch

Every question is a smart question when it comes to beautifying and protecting your home. At A Personal Touch, we are happy to answer any carpeting questions you might have and give you a free, written estimate without cost or obligation. Contact us at 720.344.2870 or use our online form to schedule a free consultation.


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