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Don’t “Kid” Around With Your Carpets

Kids have many adorable qualities, but cleanliness isn’t one of them. Our carpet cleaning company serving Denver and the metro area has seen more kids’ room carpet than we can count, and we know what kind of carpet works best for the youngsters. Trust A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning to provide the best carpet advice,…
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Protecting Your Home’s Carpet From Furniture

As a leading provider of professional carpet cleaning services in Englewood, A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning fields plenty of carpet-care questions from customers. One of the most popular is, “What are some things I can do to protect my carpet from furniture?” Here are a few tips from our experts. Use Furniture Coasters Sometimes simple…
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The Most Durable Types of Carpeting

For carpet repair and installation, Littleton homeowners trust A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning. Our customers also turn to us for advice on all things carpet-related, and one of the most popular questions we field is, “What are the most durable types of carpeting?” When discussing carpet durability, it’s best to start with the type of…
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