Can You Re-stretch Carpet with Furniture in the Room?

We welcome questions from our customers, and the titular query – “Can you re-stretch carpet with furniture in the room?” – is a common one. Here’s a look at how A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning approaches carpet re-stretching when furniture is present.


The short answer is yes, we can re-stretch carpet with furniture in the room. However, there are some variables that could change this answer to a “Yes, but…”. For example, the exact amount of furniture will certainly affect the job, as will the weight of the furniture and the size/shape of the room where the carpet is. Another thing to consider is the location and layout of the ripples you want to remove from the carpet.

Our Approach

Using a power stretcher, our standard approach is to stretch the carpet away from the door/entryway and towards a wall that runs parallel to the ripples. This results in carpet that stays tight in the face of repeated cleanings, foot traffic, and repeated cleanings.

When the wall is reached, our technician takes the following steps:

  • Pull the carpet up from the tack-strip at the base of the wall
  • Stretch the carpet until all ripples are smoothed out
  • Reattach the newly-stretched carpet to the tack-strip
  • Trim the carpet as necessary
  • Tuck the carpet in to establish a seamless look

In the optimal scenario – say, a room with several lightweight pieces of furniture (i.e. a standard bedroom or a study) – we can do all of this without moving the furniture because a) there’s no danger of anything falling over and/or breaking, and b) we’ll have enough room to maneuver around the furniture, access the ripples and have a clear path to the wall we need to stretch toward. And even if a clear path isn’t available, we can easily slide any impeding furniture out of the way.

When must furniture be moved?

There’s an industry rule of thumb that says in order to properly re-stretch a carpet, 50 percent of the room must be clear of furniture. Thus, a small room containing lots of furniture will require some moving before we can re-stretch. Also, if a room contains electronics, a curio with fragile items inside, or anything fragile for that matter, these items must be removed from the room and put in a safe spot until we’re finished re-stretching.

Our state-of-the-art power stretcher can re-stretch carpet even when items like beds and couches are present. However, things get dicey when we need to work around very heavy pieces like pool tables, treadmills, and big fish tanks. Items like these are so heavy that they can cause the carpet to rip while we’re engaged in re-stretching. One solution is to do a “partial re-stretch”, which means stretching areas of the carpet that are unaffected by large objects. However, a partial re-stretch requires more work (and at times, a seam because we’ll need to reattach the re-stretched carpet to the un-stretched areas) and is consequently more expensive. Therefore, we recommend relocating these cumbersome objects before we arrive at your home. We understand that some things are too heavy to move without professional help, so if necessary we’ll work around these pieces.

A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning provides expert carpet re-stretching and carpet repair in Littleton. Contact us today to discuss our rates and schedule an appointment. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”


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