Carpet Styles – What’s Best for Your Home?

If you’ve ever done any remodeling or redesign in your home, you know there are lots of decisions that must be made. Paint colors, furniture styles, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures…the list goes on! And if you’re thinking of replacing your carpeting (or adding carpeting to a room), there are decisions to be made there, as well.

Six Carpet Styles to Choose From

First you need to decide what carpet style you want. There are 6 basic carpet styles to choose from:

Textured: This carpet style features alternating twists of yarn, resulting in a two-toned appearance. It’s durable, hides footprints and vacuum marks, and is a great choice for anywhere in the home, especially high-traffic areas.

Plush: This style is similar to the textured carpet style, but the fibers are generally longer, and it has a “velvety” look. It also shows footprints and vacuum marks more readily than the textured style, so while it’s still a good choice, it’s better for low-traffic areas (think bedroom or dining room).

Frieze: This carpet style features a high-cut pile with a twist that curls at the end; it’s sometimes referred as the “modern shag” carpet. It’s durable, resists showing footprints or vacuum marks, and is a great choice for high-traffic areas.

Cable: This style features long, thick yarn, and is best for low-traffic areas, since it can become crushed with lots of foot traffic or heavy furniture on it.

Berber: This carpet style features bulk yarn that is looped but not cut, and it tends to be shorter than other styles. It’s very durable and is perfect for high-traffic areas (it’s also the easiest to keep clean!).

Cut-and-Loop: This style is made of a combination of cut and looped yarns, which can be used to create a wide variety of patterns in the carpet. It’s quite durable and is great for areas that get a lot of traffic.

Carpet Fiber Material Options

In addition to choosing the carpet style, you’ll also need to choose the pile height, color, and carpet fiber material. Here are some of your options for fiber materials:

Acrylic: This synthetic material offers the look and feel of wool, but without the high price tag. It’s a great choice if you have family members with allergies, as it is also hypoallergenic.

Nylon: This synthetic carpet material is extremely durable, making it perfect for high traffic areas. Like acrylic, it’s also quite affordable. 

Olefin: This synthetic fiber is created from melted plastic, and is mold and moisture resistant. It also resists staining – great for areas where you tend to have accidents!

Wool: This natural material can last for years if cared for properly, but it will cost you quite a bit more than carpeting made from synthetic material.

No matter what type of carpeting you choose, you need to take care of it properly – that means following the manufacturer’s instructions. Typically you’ll want to have it professionally cleaned at least once a year – that’s where A Personal Touch comes in! We’ll have your carpeting looking as good as new in no time, so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

If you’re in the Denver area and are ready to schedule a professional carpet cleaning, contact us!


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