Preparing to have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

If you’ve recently contracted for carpet cleaning services near Littleton, there are several things you’ll want to do in preparation for the cleaner’s arrival to make your life (and theirs) a lot easier.

Move your furniture

The more of an open space you can provide for the cleaning team, the more efficient said team will be. Plus, they’ll appreciate the effort you made. Transport small items (coffee tables, end tables, etc.) into a different room. With heavier items, pushing them against the wall is all that’s necessary. Framed pictures should be taken down to avoid any chance of breakage. Once all furniture has been moved, pick up any small items (i.e. toys) and vacuum up any dust, crumbs, etc. that gathered under the couch or other furniture pieces. Don’t forget to clean the baseboards so that the room is as dirt-free as possible.

Also, something a lot of people forget about are curtains and drapes. Secure these above the carpet so that they don’t interfere with the cleaning equipment. This also eliminates the chances of your drapery staining the carpet when it’s wet.

Make a list of concerns

Once you’ve cleared the area to be cleaned, inspect the carpet and make a list of concerns you’d like the carpet cleaners to address. For example, areas where foot traffic is especially heavy, a spot where a particularly stubborn spill has yet to be removed, and places where potted plants are commonly located. Some homeowners go so far as to highlight “concern areas” with red tape.

Locate your water spigots

If you have kids, it’s likely you’re well aware of where your outdoor water spigots are located. Either way, do a once-around of your home and make a mental note of where the spigots are. When your carpet cleaners arrive, direct them to the spigots and they’ll take it from there. Don’t be surprised if they connect their hoses(s) to your garden hose in order to maximize the hose’s utility.

Allow ample room for parking

Even small carpet cleaning jobs require heavy-duty equipment and at least one well-equipped truck. If your cleaning project entails multiple rooms, don’t be surprised if the carpet cleaner arrives with a few trucks and several pieces of cleaning apparatus. Free up your driveway and declutter all entryways to make it as easy as possible for the cleaning team to unload their inventory, access your home, run the requisite hoses from outside to inside.

Get away for awhile

It’s a wise move to get away from your home for a while so the cleaning company has plenty of room to work, with no distractions. Confirm beforehand how long the job is expected to take so you can plan accordingly. If you have pets, bring them with you, keep them in the backyard, or drop them off at a kennel for a few hours. Also, if you have small pets like birds, gerbils, or hamsters, consider putting their cage outside or placing the pets (except the birds) in an outdoor crate. Small animals are easily irritated by loud noises and constant movement.

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