Three Health Benefits Of Clean Carpets

Want to ensure a healthy home environment for the people and pets sharing your abode? A consistently clean carpet is a big step in the right direction. It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to put carpet maintenance on the back-burner, but periodic professional carpet cleaning from A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning makes a huge difference.

Why Is It Important To Have Clean Carpets?

Here’s a telling fact: simply vacuuming your carpet at least three times a week significantly benefits anyone in your home with a breathing condition, i.e. asthma or snoring. This information comes straight from the American Lung Association, and it’s proof that even a little bit of carpet maintenance goes a long way. But why stop at a thrice-weekly vacuuming regiment when you can reap the substantial benefits that come with a yearly or twice-yearly professional carpet cleaning? Benefits include:

Mold-Growth Prevention

The dirtier a carpet is, the more susceptible it is to mold growth. This is especially true on rainy days when moisture, dirt, and grime are tracked into a home. Left unattended (in other words, not vacuumed or dried immediately), these particulates waste little time in penetrating deep into the carpet’s fibers, and the more they accumulate, the higher the chances are of mold taking root. Everyone knows just how harmful mold can be to a person’s respiratory system, which is why it’s best to supplement the vacuum-and-dry step with periodic professional carpet cleaning. Our local carpet cleaning company employs state-of-the-art tools that eliminate moisture, even in hard-to-reach spots, and ensure mold is never given a chance to grow.

Pollutant Removal

Another agency that knows a thing or two about the importance of cleanliness is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The average person wouldn’t normally equate the EPA to household carpeting, but believe it or not a dirty carpet often serves as a retention area for several indoor pollutants. These include everyday substances like pet dander and dust, along with more obscure irritants like lead and cockroach allergen. All of these substances harbor toxic gases which can become airborne after being vacuumed or walked over, quickly contaminating the air in your home. Since vacuuming is actually a “trigger” for this problem, a professional carpet cleaning is the answer. Our combination of powerful vacuums and pro-grade carpet shampoo is needed to confirm that all pollutants are removed from the carpet and killed.

Dust Mite Deterrence

Dust mites are microscopic and virtually impossible to detect with the human eye – and for this reason, many homeowners are unaware that their house has a dust mite problem. These diminutive pests enjoy the soft, warm surroundings offered by carpet, and before long they’ll generate a large amount of feces and other detritus that’s bothersome to all residents, especially allergy sufferers. The longer dust mites are allowed to roam freely in your carpet, the more easily their droppings are disturbed and injected into the airstream. A professional carpet cleaning eliminates this problem with a thorough steam-clean, generating high temperatures that kill dust mites on the spot.

Count On Us To Keep Your Carpets Clean

Our carpet cleaning company brings decades of carpet-cleaning experience to homeowners throughout Englewood and Denver. Contact us today for a free quote, and optimize your home’s air and the health of its occupants. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”


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