Three Helpful Tips for Preventing Carpet Dents

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just rearranging your living room furniture, the moment you lift your couch or table you’ll be greeted by an annoying leave-behind: carpet dents. A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning is one of the Denver metro area’s most respected carpet companies, and we’ve seen our share of carpet dents in our clients’ homes and offices. Speaking from experience, here are three tips for preventing carpet dents from forming.

Change is Good

Though you may love the way your dining room is arranged, sticking with the same layout for too long is a surefire way for carpet dents to appear. That’s why we recommend moving your furniture regularly. And the good thing is you don’t have to move your cumbersome curio from one side of the room to the other – a small, one-inch adjustment done every couple of months is enough to keep carpet dents from forming. Heavy furniture is the biggest contributor to carpet dents – the longer it stays in one place, the more it compresses the carpet fibers underneath. When moving heavy furniture, ask someone to help you. Or, even better, put casters on your heavy items for easy rolling.

Use Caster Caps

Lots of people know what casters are, but mention a “caster cap” to your neighbor and you’ll probably receive a blank stare. Caster caps aren’t wheels, but they’re just as effective. These round objects are plastic or rubber on one side, which is the side upon which your heavy furniture rests. The other side has numerous small “spikes” that stick in the carpet. The spikes don’t cause indentations – rather, they pierce seamlessly through the carpet strands. Caster caps work great for any kind of furniture: couch, chair, table, bed, you name it. And while really heavy items might cause the caster cap to form a dent, it’s only temporary and easily fixable with a quick vacuuming.

Choose the Right Carpet

Having spent decades focused on carpet repair near Littleton, we’ve installed, repaired, and walked on virtually every kind of carpet known to man. We can vouch for the existence of “dent-proof” carpet, and while it’s pricier than your average, “non-dent-proof” carpet, it’s worth the investment – especially if your home has a fair amount of heavy furniture. Also, this type of high-density carpet offers the added bonuses of maximum comfort and durability. Along with high-density carpet, you can also install high-density padding – another great option for minimizing dents. If you go to a home store or a carpet shop looking for this kind of carpet, there’s an easy test you can do to confirm you’re holding something high-density. Just pick up a sample and fold it over. If you can see the carpet backing through the fibers, the carpet isn’t high-density. But if the backing is covered, then you’ve found a high-density, top-quality carpet.

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