Top 5 Tips for New Home Owners

As a brand new home owner, the appearance of your house is probably a high concern. You’ll want to decorate and add touches that are specific to your family and taste. You’ll also want to keep the appearance of your floors and walls as pristine as possible. One question we often get from new homeowners is “How do I keep my carpets looking new?”

Carpets can be beautiful and very comfortable. They also help to keep the heat inside during the winter, adding as further insulation in those rooms. But for any busy family, carpets can get worn easily. Over time, without proper care, carpets can start to look dingy.

These tips can help you keep your carpet looking its best throughout its lifespan.

Top 5 Tips to Keep Carpets Looking Like New

  1. Vacuum Regularly. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your carpet looking its best. For an area with heavy traffic, vacuum several times per week. If you have a room that people rarely use, you might only need to vacuum once every week or two, just to remove dust. It’s important that you vacuum regularly in high traffic areas. Dust and dirt will become ground in over time, if the carpet isn’t regularly attended to.
  2. Purchase a Door Mat. The best way to keep carpets clean is by removing as many of the outside elements as possible. Dirt and dust from outside your home attach to your shoes. Purchasing a simple door mat can help keep these things at bay. Make certain all visitors wipe their feet when they enter and take the mat outside to shake out the dirt every time you vacuum.
  3. Take Shoes Off. If you’d really like to keep the look of your carpet, outlaw shoes inside the home. You can leave outside shoes in the doorway so that you’re not tracking dirt throughout the house. Many homeowners keep separate shoes or slippers to wear only inside, or you may prefer socks. Even if you let visitors keep their shoes on, you’re still cutting down on a major amount of the outside dirt that makes its way into your home.
  4. Clean Spills Immediately. Any stain left to set will be far more difficult to remove. It’s important that you clean any spill the minute you know it’s there. There are a number of techniques you can use, from purchased stain cleaners to green friendly items. If you can’t remove the stain on your own, a professional cleaning service can help you return your carpet to its best shape.
  5. Regular Professional Cleaning. Another part of your maintenance includes a regular cleaning. A professional cleaning can get to the dirt and dust that simple vacuuming can’t reach. In most cases, you can schedule a cleaning for once a year. The process is simple and often you can walk on the carpet again within a day.

Looking for Carpet Cleaning Services in Littleton?

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