What Stains Are Going To Stick Around?

Some stains are candidates for DIY removal, while others will require the expertise of our professional carpet cleaning company to ensure they don’t stick around forever. Which stains fall into this second category? A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning discusses the worst offenders.


Most of us, at some point in our lives, have gotten ink on our clothes. Not fun. Equally annoying is when ink gets on the carpet. Not only is it one of the hardest-to-remove stains, it can also destroy your carpet if it isn’t dealt with promptly – and more importantly, thoroughly, because with ink, even a 95 percent success rate isn’t good enough.

Bodily Fluids

Another entry in the “Remember when…” file, bodily fluids – often in the form of human vomit or a pet’s accident – present a double-whammy of stain + odor. Many of our customers are familiar with the “baking soda stopgap” that helps remove moisture and abate the smell, but fully removing a vomit or excrement stain requires a professional’s steady hand.

Blood Stains

While we’re on the subject of stains that sometimes churn the stomach, blood stains certainly fall into this category. And not only are they unseemly, they’re virtually impossible to remove without an expert’s help. Similar to juice, blood quickly soaks into the carpet/carpet fibers and leaves a dark stain, no matter how many off-the-shelf products your throw at it. The best you can do is to try and remove as much blood as possible from the carpet’s surface before calling our local carpet cleaners.

Grape Juice & Wine

Combining these two because grapes are of course the key ingredient in wine, and both are equally diabolical when spilled on carpet. This is the substance that gets most of the publicity in terms of which stains are the hardest to remove, and for good reason: like blood, but faster-moving because it isn’t as thick, wine/grape juice spills often lead to permanent damage if a professional isn’t called in immediately. The liquid’s red/purple colors quickly overtake carpet fibers, and hydrogen peroxide (which most people don’t have under their sink) is really the only substance that can at least slow the stain’s progress. But by no means is it a cure, which is something only a professional team like A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning can provide.


It’s too bad that coffee has to be on this list, since for many people it’s a daily staple that’s tasty and a great pick-me-up. Alas, coffee’s high acidity facilitates the yellowish-brown stains that result when java is spilled on a carpet – and this acidity is a big reason why coffee is prone to staining quickly and permanently. A mixture of dishwasher detergent and vinegar can function as a temporary deterrent, but one that will require the support of our professional cleaning tools.

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If you’ve searched online for a “carpet cleaning service near me”, no doubt you’ve seen A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning atop the list. Contact us today, whether you have a stain that needs tending to, or for helpful tips on controlling a spill until we arrive. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”


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