Maintaining your Investment

The wrong carpet cleaner can over wet your carpet, leave a sticky residue or use products that discolor your carpet over time.  The more carefully you maintain your carpet, the longer it will last.

How to care for your carpet

• Take a proactive approach to vacuuming.  Vacuum a minimum of once to twice per week even if the carpet doesn’t look soiled.  Doing so can remove particles before they wear down the carpet, which will keep your carpet looking new longer.

• Remove spots immediately.  Don’t waste time looking up whether it’s supposed to be sparkling water or vinegar for that fresh coffee stain.  A new carpet generally has protector on it so plain tap water works best.  If you still have trouble blotting out the spot, turn to a product for spot cleaning.  Make sure it is a spot treatment recommended by a trained, certified professional because if you get the wrong over-the-counter cleaner, it could leave too much soap and leave a residue.  Do not apply the cleaner directly to the carpet.  Instead, pour the spot cleaner on a white terry cloth and then transfer it to the carpet.  For stains you are not able to remove call a professional.

• Have carpets cleaned at least once per year.  Heavy traffic areas may require additional cleaning.  Remember, when your rug comes with a warranty, it is normally contingent upon having your carpet cleaned regularly and removing stains instantly.  Make sure you have selected a carpet cleaner who is aware of your carpet warranty informed on the cleaning procedure necessary.  Improper cleaning can void warranties, so be selective.


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