Pet Stain and Odors Most Frequent Reason for Calls

We love our pets but it can be difficult to clean up when they create stains and odors on our carpets or upholstery! Quick action is necessary when dealing with pet stains and odors because the longer they sit, the harder they can be to get rid of! However, nearly every pet damage situation can be handled without any lasting effects with these tips and tricks and a professional cleaning at least once per year!

Phil Dreessen, Owner of A Personal Touch, says “Pet stains and odors rank right up there with the most frequent reasons people call us and we have seen it all. The important thing to remember is that with quick action even the most valuable carpets, rugs and upholstery can be restored to their intended beauty and value, with stains and odors removed.”

To help eliminate pet odors or stains in your carpet, the stains must be removed entirely or neutralized from the carpet and in some cases, the underside of the carpet and the carpet padding or even the subfloor. Pet odor paint such as Kilz can help “seal” damaged subfloor and help prevent new pet “accidents” from causing more damage.

If the pet stain isn’t severe and is caught early, it can be successfully cleaned with white vinegar and baking soda and this mixture is safe for your pets! Mix the white vinegar and baking soda together into a paste then work it into the stain with an old toothbrush, cleaning as deeply as possible. Once the paste dries then you can vacuum it up. Stubborn stains make take more than one treatment. White vinegar is also a natural odor neutralizer and will handle almost all cases of pet odor.

A Personal Touch recommends using a black light to locate pet odors that cannot be seen. Once the pet urine dries, it crystallizes and these crystals must be eliminated to get rid of the odor. To locate the site of such problems, use a black light in a darkened room as urine and urine crystals will glow in that light.

Severe or long-term pet stains and odor almost always has to be dealt with by a professional.

We use deep-cleaning steam cleaners and enzyme-based odor eliminator products, and we know from vast experience which ones work best. We are also experts at pulling up carpeting, replacing the pad, and repairing and restoring stained fabric. If the pet odor problem is long-standing, a full remediation may also require replacing the sub flooring (wood or concrete), removing and replacing tainted wall trim, and perhaps cutting and replacing wall boards and repainting, all services we perform. In some extreme cases the carpeting may need to be replaced, however the area still needs professional treatment because once the odor-causing crystals have soaked into the area around the carpet, simply replacing the carpet will do nothing to permanently eliminating pet odors.

After cleaning by a professional, carpets and fine upholstered furniture should be regularly vacuumed and prompt action on pet stains and odors will help ensure they last the 20 to 25 years they were intended for.

For more information please call 720-344-2870. A Personal Touch offers of full range of carpet cleaning and restoration services, and we also clean air ducts, tile and grout, and we have mastered the art of bedbug eradication as well.

Remember, quick action in cleaning pet stains and odors protects your carpet and furniture investment. Relying on an expert will ensure the carpets and upholstery in your home receives the care and maintenance it deserves. Call us today at 720-344-2870 or use our online contact form to request your free estimate. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”


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