Save Huge Expense by Extending the Life of Your Carpet

Good carpet is not cheap. Chances are that you paid a lot for your floor coverings. Your carpets can outlast furniture and even your design taste with proper care and cleaning.

Regular vacuuming is at the top of the list. Letting your carpet and rugs become soiled by dirt and grime can lead to irreversible damage, so a regular vacuuming schedule is crucial. Vacuum every week. When you walk on gritty, dirty carpet it’s like attacking the carpet fibers with sandpaper. The particles act as abrasives, wearing down the carpet fibers resulting in worn areas where traffic is highest.

High-traffic areas may need cleaning daily. Other areas like bedrooms may only need it weekly. Use a high-quality upright vacuum with a rotating brush to dislodge dirt that clings to the carpet. Replace your vacuum bag frequently. The objective is not to fill it up. A full bag or filter cuts down on the air volume your vacuum can move, greatly reducing its cleaning ability. Be sure the brushes are clean and that the belts and hoses are working properly, too.

Clean up spills when they happen. Stains spread and set with time, so quick cleanup is a must. When you bought your carpet, it’s a sure bet that the salesperson tried to sell you a carpet cleaning kit for spot cleaning. Odds are that you’ve long ago used up the product or maybe you didn’t buy what the sales rep recommended. Ask A Personal Touch Carpet cleaning about the cleaning solutions recommended for carpet care. Call us or ask us when we next clean your carpets. We sell personal carpet cleaning spotters so that our customers can maintain their carpets in between professional cleanings.

All carpet and rug makers recommend a professional cleaning at least once a year – more often if you have children and/or pets. Professional cleaning not only keeps carpets and rugs looking their best, it also removes allergens and contaminants, keeping your home safer for your family and even your pets.

A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaners will keep them fresh and new-looking for years with Deep Soil Carpet Cleaning. We use a powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning system to remove tough stains and odors including gum, tar and rust—things you didn’t think you could get out of a carpet.

When Phil Dreesen founded A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaners 30+ years ago, his commitment was to provide the finest cleaning services available with a prompt and courteous staff and to do it at prices that couldn’t be beat. Today, Phil and his son Ben continue to carry on that tradition and they back it up with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

We know there are plenty of companies out there who call themselves “carpet cleaners,” but too many of them use cheap, quick methods that don’t do a good job and may actually cause hidden damage. Why risk disappointment when you can call A Personal Touch at 720.344.2870 or use our online contact form for any questions you may have. There’s also a form on the page to request a free estimate. Then enjoy your home proudly with the confidence that comes from our company’s motto: “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”


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