Thank You From A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaners!

I sure hope you had a great 2016 and a Wonderful Christmas Season. You have really blessed “A Personal Touch” with referrals of friends and relatives this past year which has made it a great year for us. I know we have made a lot of you happy because of the “excessive” tips given to us – of which we are “excessively” grateful!!! We are looking forward to seeing you again this year to make your day even better!

Also, a Great Big Thank you for all of you who gave toward the Denver Rescue Mission for Thanksgiving. We were able to match $500.00 of donations in order to give $1000.00 toward meals to the homeless. Last year we gave to Compassion International who then blessed kids with chickens, goats & medical services. I tell you, the more we are able to bless others, the Lord Blesses us. Through all of you who gave, we were blessed, others were blessed and I hope you were too!!! So I propose to you that if you ever want to donate to one of these ministries when we clean for you during 2017, we will match your gift up to $25.00 and send it in each month, this way we don’t have to wait until Christmas.

As many of you know, January 1st to April 15th is our slowest time of year. This is why we offer our biggest discounts so that it helps you as much as it helps us. On our Service Specials page, please find and use these coupons as needed, or pass them onto friends, family, church members who might be able to use them. People can also find coupons on “A Personal” or “”. We also have good reviews on Yelp as well as our website.

Our Services:

Thank you for being in our lives this last year and for some of you – 33 years!! We here at A Personal Touch are looking forward to an exciting yet challenging 2017.

Let’s do it together!!

Phil Dreessen


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