When to Hire an Upholstery Cleaning Specialist

Sometimes it’s tough to know when a certain substance can be cleaned with off-the-shelf cleaning supplies, and when it’s best to summon an upholstery cleaning specialist. A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning seeks to shed some light on a situation that many homeowners in Littleton will face at least once.

Upholstery Cleaning Tags

Chances are that when you spill something on your couch, or your child decides to jump on the living room loveseat in muddy shoes, your first reaction is something other than “Let me check the upholstery cleaning tag”. But these tags exist – either sewn under cushions or available in online form at the manufacturer’s website – and they’re a big help when deciding what you can and can’t clean on your own.

Code W

The W stands for water, meaning that any upholstery with a Code W can be cleaned with water-based cleaning products. This is the code that is most agreeable to DIY cleaning efforts.

Code S

Upholstery marked “Code S” must be cleaned with a solvent or a water-free agent, i.e. a dry-cleaning solvent. If you attempt to use water in an effort to erase a stain on a Code S sofa, there’s a good chance you’ll end up fading the sofa’s color, or embed the target area with a permanent water ring. Also, since we’re talking about chemically-based solvents, make sure to read the instructions before using since certain solvents can be hazardous. A Code S should at the very least give you pause before attempting to clean a stain yourself, and more often than not you’ll want to call our upholstery cleaning professionals.

Code WS

Code WS (sometimes written “Code SW”) upholstery can be cleaned with dry-cleaning or water-based cleaning products, but with the caveat that doing so could damage the fabric. If you’re 100% confident in your cleaning chops and you want to try cleaning a Code WS item yourself, we recommend conducting a spot test in a concealed area (i.e. a cushion bottom) before moving forward. However, any homeowner having doubts about self-cleaning a Code WS should call a pro.

Code X

Whenever you see something marked “Code X” – on your cable bill, in a webpage error message, etc. – there’s always a hint of the ominous. Such is the case with upholstery marked Code X. If you see this code on any to-be-cleaned upholstery in your house, it means that dry-cleaning solvents and water-based products are a no-go. In fact, some Code X jobs pose a challenge for seasoned professionals. In a Code X scenario, let the stain be and call A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning right away.

Other Scenarios

While the code system is the most common reason why you would hire an upholstery cleaning specialist, another scenario involves uniquely-shaped furniture whose various seams, nooks, and crannies can only be cleaned with special tools. These tools are expensive, which is why you’ll only find them in the possession of professional cleaning companies. Also – and this only happens rarely – there are occasions when a stain is so deep, or a fabric is so exotic, that our team will need to take the soiled item out of your home and to our workshop in order to clean it properly.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to provide a competitive quote for any cleaning project that’s on your to-do list. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”


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