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Banish mold and mildew with regular tile and grout cleaning

Is your bathroom or kitchen a science experiment? When you take a bath or shower can you see blooms of orange around your shower pan or constellations of dark, fuzzy spots on the ceiling? Has your kitchen or another room in your home started to smell musty? Visible signs and tangible smells are good indicators…
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Why You Should Hire a Professional to Clean Your Tile Grout

On the surface, tile grout cleaning seems like a feasible DIY project. However, when you consider the time and expense involved, as well as the risk in causing permanent damage to bathroom walls and backsplashes, the smart play is to hire a professional like A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning. Tile Grout Cleaning - Overview The…
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Selling Your Home? Get Your Carpets Cleaned First

A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning always brings its “A game” to every project we’re involved with. Our carpet cleaning services satisfy a variety of needs for homeowners in Denver and Littleton, and they’re of particular use to those of our customers who are preparing to sell their house. Make Your Home Move-In Ready While there’s…
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