Start the New Year Off Right With Freshly Cleaned Carpet

LITTLETON, CO—Santa’s a nice guy, but those reindeer sure can mess up a carpet. And how about that New Year’s reveler whose guacamole didn’t make it from the chip to the lip? Or the football fan who leapt from the sofa to signal a game-winning field goal, splattering homemade chili across the floor? Yes, Virginia,…
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Freshen Your Home with Upholstery Cleaning By A Personal Touch

LITTLETON, CO—The holiday season is drawing to a close, and if your furniture’s upholstery is a little worse for the wear, A Personal Touch can bring those soiled fabrics back to life. Whether Uncle Bob’s eggnog toast from the living room sofa got a little too enthusiastic or the pooch followed a New Year’s firecracker…
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Vacuuming tips

Get some great tips on keeping your vacuum cleaner in great shape and getting the most from your vacuuming time!  To get the most out of a vacuum cleaner, it must be properly maintained.  If it has a replaceable bag, it should be exchanged when about half full. Never vacuum up moist soils or damp…
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Your vacuum cleaner could be polluting instead of cleaning

Not all vacuums are created equal. Just because a vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter does not mean it is “true HEPA.” All vacuum cleaners are motorized and produce air flow that conveys soils into a collection receptacle, filtering the air before it is exhausted back into the room. Mold and mold spores, human and…
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Simple Steps To Improving Indoor Air Quality

Most Americans spend as much as 90% of their time indoors - in their homes, offices, factories, or schools - and indoor air quality is a growing major health and comfort concern. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, pollution levels indoors may be two to five times higher than outdoor pollution levels, placing many…
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Well maintained carpets add beauty to homes for decades

Professional carpet cleaners advise how to regularly clean and maintain carpets to insure warranties stay in effect and that carpets stay fresh and spot-free for a lifetime. LITTLETON, CO – Carpeting is one of the most valuable assets any homeowner has, as it enhances the beauty of rooms, hallways and stairs, and adds an inviting…
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