Why spring is the perfect time for upholstery (and carpet) cleaning

Ever take a nap on your sofa on a Sunday? Maybe you’ve watched the game or an old western. Then, slowly you’ve nodded off blearily gazing at Clint Eastwood or the ceiling.

A little while later, you wake up with a face full of sofa cushion.

And maybe, just maybe, you also wake up wondering, “What is that smell?”

It’s a little delicate. We do a LOT of living in our living rooms. Our pets drool on the couch (we do too) or bring us a drippy ball and set it on the ottoman. Some of us sit down on the upholstery after a dirty day at work, or spill beer and snacks on the couch during the big playoffs.

Kids or our spouse use the family room recliner to get well from a broken rib or the flu. Soggy tissues clutter the armrests. Cold medicine is dripped on the upholstery. Cough drops get shoved into the cracks where they crumble and melt.

And that’s not to mention the kid experiments that are brought in from the backyard that somehow end up on your favorite antique chair.

Get back the newness

Soon it will be sunny outside for keeps. You’ll be able to throw open the windows and air out the whole house. Ahhh, freshness!

Spring is a time for big cleaning efforts for a reason. New growth will spring from the trees and flowers will poke their heads up from the earth outside. It’s a perfect time to renew your environment inside too.

Professional upholstery and carpet cleaning with a truck-mounted steam cleaning system removes dirt, dust and grime and those little messes that build up from day-to-day living. That includes smells and dust trapped down deep in your upholstery.

Protect your investments

Your furniture and carpets are a valuable part of your house. You spent a lot of time picking them out or installing them. Sometimes furniture is passed down through the generations and is emotionally priceless too. Your possessions are worth the upkeep. They can serve you for years to come if you take care of them.

That’s why it’s important to vacuum your sofas, loveseats and chairs regularly. Then, once a year or so make an appointment for professional upholstery cleaning to remove stains and grime.

Keep the loveseat lovelier longer

You could rent a cheap steam cleaning system to clean your upholstery yourself. But, what would you miss?

A professional carpet and upholstery cleaner like A Personal Touch knows exactly how to clean a variety of fabrics from durable to delicate. Our technicians receive regular training and our company is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. We understand:

  • Preparation. We put plastic protectors beneath your furniture legs to protect your carpets.
  • Stain treatment. We can analyze your furniture stains and provide just the right treatment to get them out without harming fabric.
  • Special features. We treat furniture trimmings, cushions and throw pillows, separately. We know how to make true whites and deep colors look their best.
  • Protection. After cleaning, we can treat your furniture with a soil protector fiber coat to ensure lasting beauty.

Celebrate spring inside your home as well as outside. Call A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning Services today to schedule an upholstery cleaning in Littleton, Castle Rock, Englewood or beyond at 720.344.2870, or use our online contact form to ask questions and request a free quote. Be sure to check out our service specials too.


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