Four Methods for Cleaning Tile and Grout


Everyone loves clean tile, whether it’s the kitchen backsplash, bathroom floor, or shower wall. But dirt and grime build up over time, and “hard water” adds another layer of crud. Keeping your tile sparkling requires consistent cleaning of the tile and the grout surrounding it. The following tile-cleaning solutions from A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning, the foremost cleaning company serving Littleton, CO, are guaranteed to make your tile shine.

Option 1: Use a steam cleaner

All you need to accomplish this effective, eco-friendly option is a steam cleaner. After heating the cleaner to 350 degrees, turn it on and move its detail brush in a forward motion over the tile and grout. Go side to side, working from front to back in a continuous motion. The combination of heat and pressure does an outstanding job of loosening and destroying grime. When you’re finished, use a rag to clean up any leftover residue.

Caveat: steam-cleaning old or broken tile can cause further damage, so use one of the following options instead.

Option 2: The bleach + baking soda combo

Since this option involves bleach, be sure to dress appropriately (old clothes), wear rubber gloves and safety glasses, and open a window. When you’re ready, mix a ¼-cup of bleach with ¾-cups of baking soda. Use a painter’s stick to stir the mixture until it has a paste-like consistency. Spread the mixture over your tile and grout, then wait 5 – 10 minutes depending on how dirty the tile is. After waiting, take a toothbrush or scrub brush and rub the mixture into the grout and over the tiles. Pause 5 – 10 minutes more and rinse.

Warning: Bleach’s presence means this option only applies to white tile/grout. Don’t try this on anything colored.

Option 3: Vinegar or baking soda: take your pick

This is a particularly effective solution for light-duty tile and grout cleaning, and it can be used on tiles of any color. If you use vinegar, mix equal parts vinegar and water, pour it into a spray bottle, and apply to the tiles and grout. When the solution stops bubbling, scrub the tile and rinse. If you choose baking soda, take ¾-cups of baking soda and mix it with a little water in order to form a paste similar to option #2, and follow the same application steps. For hard-to-remove dirt and gunk, apply the baking soda paste and then spray the vinegar solution on top of it.

Option 4: Oxygen bleach + water

Just like option #2, this method is only applicable for white tile/grout. Mix a cup of oxygen bleach with warm water (see the bleach’s packaging to confirm the exact amount, since it varies by brand/strength required). For 30 minutes, pour the solution over the tile, pausing every minute or so to let it seep in. When you’re done pouring, take a stiff brush and start scrubbing, adding more solution if necessary. When finished, rinse the surface with clean water. Oxygen bleach is also handy when you’re mopping – just add some to the water in your mop bucket for a consistent shine.

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