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Carpet Ripples & RepairAre you living with unsightly and potentially dangerous ripples in your carpet? They are a trip hazard! Don’t wait until you are ready to sell your home to get them repaired. Get your carpets cleaned and restored now! Re-stretch your carpet so it’s tight and not moving around while you’re walking on it. Tightly stretched carpet can help prevent ripples.

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Case of the Mystery Stain

One fine day, you find a remarkable stain on your carpet. You look closer, touch it, even smell it. You cannot identify what exactly the substance is. You interrogate every member of the household, but no one owns up to it.

As the primary person tasked with cleaning the carpet in the house, there would be minimum fuss if only you knew the cause of that perplexing eyesore on your carpet. Years of research and experience have armed you with knowledge of the many different ways of dealing with a variety of carpet cleaning issues. But, when there is an unidentified stain in your carpet, what do you do?

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