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Sometimes cleaning just isn't enough. That's when our expert carpet repair services come in to remedy those issues that persist. From carpet burns to tears, water damage, and loose sections, A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning possesses the skill and expertise to restore your carpet to its former glory.
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Here’s what we offer:

Carpet Burns: Our team removes the damaged area and seamlessly replaces it with matching carpet, restoring its appearance.

Carpet Stretching: Poor installation or prolonged use can lead to loose and rippling carpets. Our power stretching methods ensure a perfect fit over the carpet pad, giving your existing carpet a newly installed look.

Split Seams and Carpet Tears: Commonly caused by pets, these damages can be fixed by creating a proper edge at the tear site and replacing the affected part with fresh, matching carpet. For split seams, we reseal and use power stretching to bring seam gaps together.

Water Damage: The extent of water damage depends on how quickly it’s addressed. If you call us immediately, we can remove the water and dry out your carpet and pad, preventing mold and mildew growth.

Whether your carpet needs minor repairs or a more substantial fix, trust our carpet repair services to extend your carpet’s life and rejuvenate its appearance.

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