Wool Area Rugs

A beautiful carpet on the floor
Specialized Care for Elegant Rugs

Preserve the Beauty of Your Wool Area Rugs

Wool area rugs can add a touch of class, beauty, and even safety to your home. However, these prized possessions require regular care to maintain their allure. At A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning, we offer comprehensive wool area rug cleaning services tailored to meet your needs without compromising the integrity of your cherished pieces.

Regular home maintenance should include vacuum cleaning about once a week, or twice for high traffic areas. Our professional cleaning team recommends having your wool rugs professionally cleaned every few months to ensure top-notch condition.

Our method involves the use of the RugBadger, a powerful machine designed to vibrate loose dirt, soil, and sediments trapped in rug fibers. Besides rejuvenating the rug’s aesthetic appeal, our deep cleaning process successfully removes allergens, dust, pollen, and even germs, leaving you with a healthier, happier home.

Trust us to keep your wool and area rugs in their best form with our reliable and thorough rug cleaning services.

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