Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on this philosophy: “You won’t see us cutting any corners—we’ll be cleaning them!”

Carpet cleaning is a big business, which explains all the listings in the Yellow Pages, ads and inserts in the newspaper, website pop-ups and those annoying fliers left daily on house doors everywhere. However, like many services pitching homeowners, being in the carpet cleaning business can be a far cry from being a professional carpet cleaner.

And finding a professional carpet cleaning company does matter: not only can shoddy carpet cleaning work leave the carpets wet and subject to mildew and other distress, certain kinds of services left in the hands of fly-by-night carpet cleaners can invalidate a carpet’s warranty and jeopardize one of the most significant investments any homeowner can make. Well cared-for carpets and rugs can last beautifully for decades, and enhance both the value of a home and the lifestyle of the home’s occupants, so it makes sense to select a professional carpet cleaning service armed with information.

Carpet cleaners, many of whom also purport to clean upholstery and provide other home cleaning services like air duct cleansing and tile and grout restoration, operate in an industry largely unregulated. In other words, anyone with enough money to buy a steam cleaning machine and a vacuum can hang out shingle and become a “professional” carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaning, however, is a very complicated process, involving not only warranty-required periodic deep cleaning, but also spot removal, restoration services, pet and other odor remediation, and even special services for such emergencies as fire, smoke and water damage. These services require special equipment and professional treatments, as well as extensive training, expertise and experience.

Carpets require regular maintenance for enduring performance, including weekly vacuuming, immediate stain remediation and professional carpet cleaning at least once every two years. Finding a professional carpet cleaner that can be trusted, one who will advise homeowners on stain remediation and warranty- favorable care, is critical to ensuring the investment in a home’s carpeting will live up to its promise.


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