The Long-Term Effect Of Pet Urine On Your Carpet

If you’re a pet owner, no doubt your cat, dog, or rabbit has had at least one accident in your living room or den. It’s important to clean these mistakes up promptly, and A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning reinforces this fact with a look at the long-term effects of pet urine on your carpet.

The Smell

If your pet’s accident isn’t identified quickly and treated promptly, the pervading smell of urine will no doubt alert you to the fact that an accident has occurred. In fact, at some point the odor will permeate your entire home and adversely affect your family’s comfort and health, not to mention their overall mood.

What causes the smell to grow so strong and so noxious? Many people think of urine as purely a liquid substance, but the fact it is that when it dries it leaves behind a solid residue. This residue is a concentrated form of the original urine, and when it’s contacted by moisture it releases the pungent, unmistakable scent of urine. So sensitive to moisture is this residue that even a humid day is enough to trigger the smell. Also, if your pet isn’t properly housebroken or the affected area isn’t treated, it’s likely that it will repeatedly urinate in the same area, since this is an inclination possessed by many animals.

In sum, the affected area shouldn’t be considered completely safe until it’s addressed by the professional carpet cleaning services offered by our company serving Denver.

Damage To Your Carpet

Urine is strong stuff – so strong in fact that it can damage your carpet. Untreated pet urine can cause PH imbalances that result in a change or shift in your carpet color. The chemicals in the urine cause a change in the carpet dyes, leading a “browning” effect and/or a change in color to orange, red, or yellow. And if you have a carpet made of wool or a similar material, pet urine can actually break the bond between the dye and the fibers, causing the carpet colors to bleed. A darker color could bleed into a lighter area and for all intents and purposes ruin your carpet.


When treating a pet urine stain, speed is paramount. Contact our carpet cleaning professionals immediately, and the first thing we’ll do is blot the area until all of the moisture is soaked up. Then we’ll treat the spot with a special mixture that reacts with the urine and neutralizes it. After this reaction occurs, the spot is blotted dry.

We can also remedy the aforementioned “browning” problem associated with urine stains, as well as offer different cleanup solutions depending on the extent of the accident and the amount of time that has passed since it happened. Our carpet cleaners near Littleton do not recommend using DIY stain-removal products from WalMart, Target, and the like, since these products contain harmful chemicals that can permanently damage your carpet.

Contact a Professional Carpet Cleaner

At some point in your pet’s life, it’s likely that you’ll find pet urine on your carpet. When you do, contact A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning right away. We’ll treat the problem professionally, ensuring that your carpet is ok and that your home contains no foul odors.

Call us today at 720-344-2870 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment for expert water damage restoration near Littleton. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”


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