How Hard Water leads to More Tile and Grout Cleaning

If you live in Colorado and take regular care of your flooring and bathtub, it’s very likely that you’ve been introduced to “hard water”. It’s a gritty, persistent residue that’s a nightmare to clean, especially if you aren’t consistently on your cleaning game. This destroyer of scrubbers and brillo pads is prefixed by the word “hard” because it has high concentrations of calcium and lime, which is responsible for the clingy residue that remains when the water evaporates. And while it’s ok to bathe in and drink, you definitely don’t want hard water lingering on your grout and tile.

What does hard water do to tile and grout?

Along with our expertise in carpet cleaning, A Personal Touch is also a leading tile and grout company serving Littleton, CO, so we’ve spent plenty of time around hard water. This type of water is notable by the ugly orange and/or white deposits it leaves on grout and tile, colors which are the results of the aforementioned lime and calcium (and chalk). And while grout is classified as a cement, it’s also very porous and usually not professionally sealed after application. So in essence, what happens is that every time your shower tile or your kitchen floor/backsplash tile gets wet, hard water seeps into the grout, evaporates, and leave the orange/white color combo behind.

Why can’t I clean my grout and tile myself?

As experienced grout and tile cleaners serving Littleton, we hear this question a lot. And the answer is surprisingly simple: the same hard water that’s staining your tile and grout is the water you’re using to try and “clean up the mess” with. Similar to a hamster on a wheel, you can scrub as hard as you want, but other than giving your forearms and fingers a good workout, you really won’t make any progress. Also, you might risk damaging your tile with scratches and discoloration due to scrubbing too hard or using the wrong materials.

What’s the solution?

The answer is to bring in the experts at A Personal Touch to handle your tile and grout cleaning. The multistep process undertaken by our technicians in order to keep your kitchen and bathrooms sparkling includes:

  • Utilizing a top-shelf, commercial-grade grout and tile cleaner.
  • A thorough scrub and extraction that not only removes stains from any tiled surfaces, but also extricates all hard-water grime, dirt, etc. from your grout lines – all while leaving your tile undamaged.
  • Applying a high-quality grout sealant that prevents dirt and water from reentering your grout.

Everyone wants a clean home, but work, kids, and other obligations make it difficult for most people to stay on top of the many requirements for maintaining a perpetually great-looking abode. Thankfully, A Personal Touch can do the job for you. We’re available 24/7, so contact us today, schedule a consultation, and we’ll demonstrate just how effective we can be at keeping your tile and grout looking brand-new!

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