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Carpet Cleaning – Keep your carpets clean and allergy­-free with annual cleanings

Carpeting is one of the most valuable assets any homeowner has, as it enhances the beauty of rooms, hallways and stairs, and adds an inviting warmth to the surroundings. But carpeting also takes a beating like no other home furnishing, collecting dust and dirt, absorbing inevitable spills, and undergoing constant wear and tear from foot traffic that only compounds the soiling.

Homeowners should know that nearly all carpet manufacturers, from the basic suppliers to those creating luxury weaves for the finest homes, recommend at least annual professional steam cleaning to maintain the beauty and increase the lifespan of their floor coverings. In fact, many stain-resistant manufacturer warranties require professional cleaning every 2 years, and certain procedures performed by some cleaning services that purport to be professional may actually void the warranty using unapproved cleaning methods.

Carpets that are maintained with proper care will last as much as 20 to 25 years in beautiful condition. Indeed, many warranties extend that far – if the homeowner follows all of the maintenance guidelines. Each manufacturer has their own set of rules for warranties, and these are available from every carpet retailer and most interior design firms which spec floor coverings in their work.

Deep Soil Carpet Cleaning uses a powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning system to remove tough stains and odors, including gum, tar, rust and pet stains and odors. After cleaning your carpets are groomed for a “new look” and can be protected with a Dupont Teflon carpet protector. For regular home maintenance, A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaner offers carpet spotters and groomers for sale.

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