Carpet Repair Services

Carpet Repair

On occasion, you may notice problems with your carpet that cannot be fixed with a thorough carpet cleaning. A Personal Touch offers a variety of carpet repair services, designed to erase the damage and make your carpet look as good as new.

Carpet Burns

A hole in your carpet from a fireplaces’ loose embers or a cigarette could leave an unsightly, obvious sign of the carpet’s wear. Fortunately, eliminating a hole is fairly simple for our team members to achieve. All that is necessary is for a professional to cut out the area around the hole and replace with identical carpet. If you have excess from when you had the carpet installed, the match could be spot-on. Although bigger holes can be more obvious when replaced, one of our skilled employees can still make it appear fairly seamless.

Loose Carpet

A lot of people move into homes that have new carpet with poor installation. It only takes a year or two before you realize that the carpet is coming loose and rippling across the room. Older carpets may also have this problem, after many years of use. Our installation methods use what is called “power stretching,” a particular approach that ensures a flat fit on the floor over the carpet pad. You may not even need to replace your existing carpet to make it look freshly installed and new.

Split Seams and Carpet Tears

Pets are one of the most common sources of carpet tears. Dogs and cats tend to shred or tear carpet when they are active or nervous, the damage from which could range from loose carpet fibers in the corners of a room, to deep gashes across the floor. The goal is to create a proper edge at the site of the tear and replace the torn piece with fresh carpet in an identical color and style. If the seam has simply split and is curling up against the wall, we may be able to fix it by resealing the seam and using power stretching to bring seam gaps together.

Water Damage

The degree to which water damage can ruin your carpet depends on the length of time the carpet and pad sat under water, and how quickly it is dried out. If you call A Personal Touch for carpet cleaning services immediately when you observe flooding, we can remove the water and set up heavy-duty fans to draw out the moisture from the carpet or the pad. If this is not done in time, the carpet pad may start to mildew and need to be replaced.

If your carpet has a lot of life left and just needs minor repairs, we are here to help you get those extra years of investment. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of carpet repair in the form of patching or a transitional strip to get the carpet back to its former glory. Contact us at 720.344.2870 or use our online form to schedule a free quote today.


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