Don’t “Kid” Around With Your Carpets

Kids have many adorable qualities, but cleanliness isn’t one of them. Our carpet cleaning company serving Denver and the metro area has seen more kids’ room carpet than we can count, and we know what kind of carpet works best for the youngsters. Trust A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning to provide the best carpet advice, services, and repairs for your kid’s room.

Choosing The Right Carpet Material

Like pretty much everything else that goes into decorating a home, choosing carpet is a subjective matter. Different people have different tastes in terms of color, fiber, thickness, etc. That said, in this particular case we can all agree that the most important criteria for carpet in a kid’s room are stain resistance and durability. With this in mind, branded nylon is the best choice in terms of carpet fiber. Not only is it more durable than any other fiber, it also offers exceptional stain protection. Similarly, you can’t go wrong with Smartstrand. Our nearby carpet cleaners suggest comparing the two and deciding which one ticks the most boxes.

Wool is another common choice. The fact that it’s usually all-natural is a big selling point for parents who rightly want to avoid carpet containing synthetic chemicals. Wool also possesses good stain resistance, and it’s soft and forgiving, so you don’t need to worry about your kids skinning their knees during impromptu wrestling matches. On the downside, wool is expensive and subject to matting, which contributes to premature aging. Also, despite its stain-resistant qualities, wool is hard to clean and is known to attract oils. This leads to a wool carpet quickly appearing dirty and staying that way unless you stay on top of things.

Picking The Perfect Carpet Style

The title here is a bit misleading, because perfection is impossible when subjectivity exists. That said, certain carpet styles definitely work better than others in kids’ rooms – for example, a traditional cut pile carpet, which is reliable and inexpensive. A frieze carpet is another top choice due to their relative inexpensiveness and their high construction quality thanks to a high twist rate. A third style to consider is multilevel, a great pick when you want to hide spots and other imperfections.

Styles to avoid are velvet, plush, Saxony, and the like. These more elegant options (the names alone give them away) are expensive and best served in low-traffic places like offices and guest bedrooms. By all means you also want to steer clear of Berber or any kind of looped carpet. These loops have a propensity for snagging, especially when exposed to small toys and curious little fingers, and it won’t be long before you have an unraveling carpet on your hands. The “looped” quality of such carpets makes them pricey to repair, but the alternative (an unsightly carpet) is less preferable.

A Quick Word On Color

There are by far more truisms associated with color than with style and material. For example, white or light-colored carpet in a kid’s room is a no-go. Dark colors are definitely better, but prone to showing lint. The optimum color for disguising dirt and stains is something medium-toned and marbled.

Talk With Us Today About Carpeting a Kid’s Room

From carpet cleaning and carpet repair, to tile & grout work and upholstery cleaning, A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning does it all. Plus, we’re always happy to assist homeowners with buying the right carpet, whether it’s for a kid’s room, a den, or a basement. Contact us today and take advantage of our expertise. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”


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