Nine Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

When you search online in Littleton for “carpet cleaners near me“, you’ll find A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning at the top of the list. That’s because thousands of local homeowners trust us to keep their carpets clean and healthy. We also know all about the mistakes that can happen when people try to DIY their own carpet cleaning. Here are nine of the most common.

Using The Wrong Spray Cleaner

Some organic spray cleaners are effective in combating stains, but the majority of store-bought household cleaning products are bad news. These items contain bleach and caustic chemicals that will ruin and permanently discolor your carpeting.

Trusting a Rented Carpet Cleaner

Every homeowner wants to save money wherever they can, including on their cleaning needs. However, it’s a bad idea to rent a carpet cleaning machine from a local store and expect it to work wonders. These cleaners aren’t always serviced regularly, which means that the last two renters’ dirt might soon be in your home. Clogs and internal damage are also common, compromising the machine’s efficiency. Many people who go this route end up dissatisfied, and want their carpets professionally cleaned.

Not Removing Stains Promptly

All stains require prompt attention, especially from acidic liquids like coffee, pop, and red wine. But the longer you wait to act, the more likely it is for the stain to become permanent, or at best be a real bear to remove. Also, some substances will stain the carpet and erode the carpets fibers.

Misusing Carpet Deodorizer

A common misconception is that carpet deodorizer powder can help remove a stain and clean up dirt. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do either. Even worse, a standard vacuum struggles to collect this powder, meaning it will accrue in the carpet until it’s professionally removed.


It makes sense that a novice carpet cleaner would err on the side of caution when shampooing his carpet. However, too much shampoo leaves a build-up of soapy residue that’s extremely difficult to wash away and whose sticky texture attracts dirt like a magnet.


Often going hand-in-hand with over-shampooing, using too much water when cleaning a carpet will result in water soaking through the fibers and the pad, and into the backing. This raises the possibility of mold/mildew problems in the carpet, and in some cases will cause the carpet to shrink and pull its backing free from the floor.

Replacing Furniture Before The Carpet Dries

Even if you’ve done everything else right, a DIY carpet cleaning job can still come undone when furniture is put back in place before the carpet dries. Many wood furniture items contain dyes that will stain a wet surface. Also, furniture with metal/partially metal feet can leave a rust stain in the carpet.

Ignoring Routine Vacuuming

Carpet should be vacuumed at least once a week, and more frequently depending on pets/kids. Not sticking to a weekly vacuuming routine gives dirt, dander, and other material to get comfortable in your carpet, where it will begin eroding the fibers.

Avoiding Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, or more frequently depending on how many pets and/or kids live in the house. Not hiring a professional cleaner might save money in the short-term, but the long-term risks outweigh any savings.

Make The Right Call and Hire a Pro

New carpet can cost thousands of dollars and cause big inconveniences. Don’t roll the dice and risk DIY mistakes – instead, contact A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning and utilize the carpet cleaning services of an experienced professional. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”


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