Regular carpet cleaning is a must for day care centers

Did you know, Colorado has 2,882 preschools and childcare centers? 1 Lots of kids are being cared for outside of their homes every day. If you own or manage a daycare center, you understand it’s even tougher to keep our kids healthy this season when families are facing colds and flu as well as various strains of Covid-19.

Our kids need all the help they can get!

Steam cleaning for health

In our last blog, we covered important ways we can all stay safe indoors this winter. Washing our hands, cleaning surfaces and staying home when we are sick all help to minimize germs.

Though our kids and daycare workers are being careful and following guidelines, bacteria, viruses and allergens can end up in daycare center carpets and on upholstered surfaces. Regular cleaning with an effective vacuum cleaner helps keep that load down. A bag vacuum system with a High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration System works best.2

But vacuuming isn’t enough.

Over the years, A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning has helped area day care centers go the extra mile and incorporate monthly steam cleaning into their cleaning protocols. The anecdotal results amazed us:

After they began monthly steam carpet cleaning, these centers reported that fewer kids were absent due to illness.

Fewer sick little ones resulted in happier, healthier families overall. Healthier children at the centers also equaled more kids attending daycare consistently and paying for that care. Of course, steady attendance positively affected the centers’ bottom lines.

Monthly carpet cleaning seemed to pay dividends all the way around, resulting in healthier kids and busier daycare centers.

How is this possible?

A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning uses a professional, truck-mounted cleaning system. Our cleaning water is heated up to 230oF. Even in the cold winter months, the water used to clean carpets is at least 180oF. According to our industry guidelines, just 125oF kills 98 percent of household germs including colds, flu and bed bugs.

Regular steam carpet cleaning also removes common allergens like dust, pollen and mold spores that can impact some kids’ immune systems and make them feel miserable.

Your cleaning partner

Have questions about regular carpet cleaning? We are standing by to answer them. Colorado State Rules and Regulations also recommend keeping your daycare center carpeting in good repair and steam cleaning carpeting after hazardous fluid spills.3 Our technicians can help!

Don’t wait, call A Personal Touch for a consultation to see how regular carpet cleaning and maintenance can help your center thrive and keep kids at your daycare facility safer. Our service area encompasses a wide swath of neighborhoods including Denver, Castle Rock, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Sedalia and Jefferson County.


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