Your Pre-Carpet Cleaning Checklist

When you hire A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning to handle all of your carpet cleaning services, you benefit from the many years of experience possessed by our Englewood carpet cleaners. Before we visit your home, here’s a helpful “pre-carpet cleaning” checklist of things to do.


Make sure to schedule your carpet cleaning for a day that you won’t need access to the room(s) we’re working on. Once we’ve finished, the carpets will require at least 3 – 4 hours of drying time, so it’s best to assume that the “affected” rooms won’t be usable for most of the day.

Any Special Furniture Requirements?

Let us know ahead of time if we should be aware of any special requirements regarding your furniture, i.e. an end table with a loose top, or an entertainment console with wobbly legs.


It’s always a big help when a customer vacuums the carpet’s high-traffic areas before we arrive, as well as underneath any furniture to be moved. If vacuuming under the furniture requires you to move it, please either return it to its original position or remove it from the area entirely. This ensures that we don’t miss any spots around the furniture. If you decide to leave the furniture in its place, we’ll move it, clean the carpet underneath, and then replace it.


All drapes should be raised/pinned at least six inches above the carpet. The same goes for any upholstered furniture that may have skirting which touches the carpet.

Furniture Should Be Item-Free

In order for our carpet cleaning experts to work as efficiently as possible, we appreciate our clients removing all loose items from the furniture: floral displays, books, flatware, and any decorations. This pertains especially to any breakable items, since our team won’t move any furniture that contains fragile belongings.

Remove Small, Lightweight Furniture

If you want to speed up the cleaning process, an easy to do this is by moving any small, lightweight furniture off of the carpet. Potted plants, magazine racks, lamps, etc. that we don’t have to move and then replace only makes our job easier, and lowers the total cost.

An FYI Regarding Things We Won’t Move

For liability and safety reasons, we typically do not move any furniture that’s large and heavy. This includes TVs, curios, China cabinets, and electronics of any kind. If you simply leave these things in place, we’ll clean around them.

Spots and Stains

When we conduct a walkthrough with you prior to getting started with cleaning, please point out to us any spots or stains that require particular attention, i.e. a place where you’d like us to fix pet damage. It’s also a big help if you can confirm what caused the stain, so that we can address it appropriately and try to remove it for you.


We love pets, but there’s no doubt they’ll have a much more pleasant day if you keep them away from where we’re working. It gets noisy and there’s a lot of activity, and we certainly don’t want to frighten them.

Get Clean Carpets Today

Our carpet repair company has completed thousands of successful jobs in Littleton and Englewood. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to provide references, along with a free quote. You’re just a phone call away from getting clean carpets. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”


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