Can Carpet Repair Increase Your Home’s Value?

The question of whether carpet repair can increase a house’s value is one we often hear from homeowners. The answer, according to the experienced professionals at A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning, is a resounding yes – and here’s why.


No matter how well you care for your carpet, you can’t stop the march of time. At some point your carpet will need to be repaired, whether it’s due to discoloration, wear spots, stains, or a combination of issues. And if you’re planning to sell your home, it’s essential that you have your carpet repaired before putting your house on the market.

While there are some DIY carpet repair products on the market, we advise against this route. Many of these products offer only a short-term fix. Worse, many homeowners underestimate the complexities involved with carpet repair, and wind up doing more damage – resulting in the need to call a professional carpet repair company near Littleton and spend even more than what the original repair estimate would have been.

When selling your home, you want to put your best foot forward in all areas, including your carpet.

How Carpet Repair Increases Your Home’s Value

Small investment, Big Reward

Every home seller has a budget for the various fixes and tweaks that must be made before planting a “For Sale” sign in the front yard. Within this budget, carpet repair is a drop in the bucket compared to things like waterproofing a basement and patching a roof. However, your carpet is one of the first things a potential buyer will notice, and a good first impression is a big boost to your sales efforts.

Professional Patching Makes Repairs Difficult to See

If you were going to knit a quilt and try and sell it but knew nothing about knitting a quilt, you’re wasting your time. The same goes for carpet repair: if you’d tried patching, stretching, or cleaning your carpet without the right tools and expertise, the end result would leave a bad taste in a homebuyer’s mouth. On the flipside, A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning in Littleton has years of expertise in matching colors and patching carpet so seamlessly that only a fellow professional would notice it’s even been repaired.

Lengthen the Carpet’s Lifespan

If your carpet is buckling – i.e. there are increasingly large wrinkles in it that eventually pose a tripping hazard – you should have this fixed regardless of whether you’re preparing to sell your home. Not only is buckling a tripping hazard, it can also lead to rips and holes forming when the carpet is vacuumed. If you have a professional carpet company stretch your carpet and eliminate these problems early on, your carpet will already be in great shape when it comes time to sell your home – thus saving you money on costly repairs.

Professional Repairs Deliver Top Quality

When a professional carpet repair company fixes your carpet, the repairs will last for years – maybe even longer than the remaining life of the carpet itself. This is definitely something to brag about, especially if a prospective buyer asks about your carpet’s condition.

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, it’s a great idea to contact A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning for advice and service. Your carpet is an integral part of your home, and ensuring it’s at its best will bring you one step closer to making a sale at a price that reflects the quality of your house – and your carpet. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”

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