How Professional Carpet Cleaners Can Save You Money

A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning in Englewood suggests deep-cleaning your carpet at least once a year. Of course, the first question every homeowner asks themselves is, “Should I hire a professional or do this myself?” If you want the job done right and you’re interested in saving money, we recommend using a professional carpet cleaning company – and here’s why.

Stain Removal

The carpet cleaning profession is constantly evolving, with new treatments and equipment always in development to better treat the toughest stains. And although you may have experience tending to spills of several types, chances are you’re not overly interested in the carpet business. Hiring a pro means being able to take advantage of the latest innovations, designed to save homeowners time and money.

Another reason to go with a professional is to avoid the very real risk of making a stain worse by not using the right cleaner, using too much/too little water/cleaner, or misidentifying the carpet fabric. Such mistakes can end up costing big money, but they’re easily avoidable simply by hiring an experienced cleaning company.

Low-Moisture Solutions

One of the most common DIY carpet cleaning mistakes is the overuse of water, resulting in a soaked carpet. The fact that a watered-down carpet will take days to dry is actually the least of your problems – the bigger issue is the likelihood of wicking and the increased chances of a mold/mildew problem. Wicking is the process by which water rises to the surface of the carpet while bringing with it much of the dirt and dust residing in the carpet’s deeper regions. At best, an oversaturated carpet is a big headache – at worst, you’ll need completely new carpet.

These problems vanish when you hire professional carpet cleaners. A company like ours uses low-moisture cleaning equipment and is proficient at “dry” cleaning techniques that require a minimal amount of water. The result is a carpet that costs less to maintain, dries out quickly, and stops mold and wicking in their tracks.

Superior Equipment

Many DIY carpet cleaning jobs rely on rented carpet cleaning equipment. Unfortunately, depending on the rental source, you’re liable to find that the solutions available for rental today are holdovers from 1997. Also, each renter has their own approach when it comes to upkeep and parts replacement – but since this type of equipment isn’t their main business (i.e. a grocery store), they typically invest the bare minimum.

The equipment used by our local carpet cleaning company is far superior to anything you’ll find on the rental market. Sure, it may cost more, but it makes more sense to pay once for a great job than pay twice for a subpar job that still might not meet your expectations. And from a functional point of view, utilizing our services eliminates the need for you to free up space in your home for storage of self-purchased cleaning supplies and equipment.

For Clean Carpets, Go With The Pros

Although DIY carpet cleaning might seem like a good idea from a short-term/cost perspective, in the long run you’re much better off going with the pros at A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning. Call us today for a professional carpet cleaning quote. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”


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