Make Your Carpet Perfect For Your Space

For a homebuyer, it’s not uncommon to move into a new place with new carpet that’s too loose due to poor installation. Nor is it uncommon for older carpet to loosen after years of use. In both cases, a professional carpet re-stretching from A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning is an excellent solution.

What Is Carpet Re-Stretching?

Bumps, ripples, and wrinkles are all symptoms of a loose carpet that’s suffering from old age or subpar installation. Carpet re-stretching is done to remove these imperfections and return the carpet to its natural state. To do this, our carpet pros use a power stretcher and a knee kicker to pull the carpet tightly to the edges of the room. When this is done, we use a carpet knife to remove any excess carpet. This knife is double-sided, superlatively sharp, and cuts through virtually any kind of carpet. Once the carpet is trimmed, it’s hand-tucked and then reattached to the original tack strip (the “framework” which helps hold the carpet in place).

How Do You Know If Your Carpet Requires Re-Stretching?

Obvious signs of a carpet in need of re-stretching include large, clearly visible wrinkles, buckles, and bumps. There are also less obvious signs too – one of the most common is the formation of small bumps in the vicinity of heavy furniture. Also, if you can left a section of the carpet up off the floor, a re-stretching is probably needed. You can confirm this by standing in the center of a room, grabbing your carpet’s fibers, and lifting. If the carpet raises more than an inch off the floor, you should consider re-stretching.

Do You Have To Move Your Furniture?

It’s pretty much accepted that in order to properly stretch a room’s carpet, at least 50% of the room’s furniture should be moved. The goal is to have enough open space so that the carpet’s imperfections are easily accessible, as well as the walls to which the carpet is being stretched.

Why Consider Carpet Re-Stretching?

There are three key advantages to having your carpet professionally re-stretched by our local carpet repair company:


Loose carpet and the ripples it creates can pose a safety hazard to everyone in your home, from little kids to the elderly. Tripping, falling, and sliding are all risks which increase when a home’s carpet isn’t taut.


A carpet with its own “topography” of bumps and ridges is far more prone to collecting dander, soil, and dust in the low sections between its various deformities. These materials cause your carpet to wear out faster than normal, especially if there’s a lot of foot traffic in your home.


We can all agree that a flat, well-stretched carpet is much more pleasing to the eye than a carpet with visible wrinkles and folds. A good-looking carpet isn’t just satisfying for the homeowner, it’s also a nice thing to have when the time comes to put the home on the market.

Re-Stretch With The Pros

Our carpet company serving Littleton offers decades of experience in all forms of carpet installation and repair. We’ve helped thousands of Denver area residents restore and maintain their carpet so that it’s safe, durable, and looks good. Contact us today for a quote and to learn about our current service specials. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”

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