Protecting Your Home’s Carpet From Furniture

As a leading provider of professional carpet cleaning services in Englewood, A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning fields plenty of carpet-care questions from customers. One of the most popular is, “What are some things I can do to protect my carpet from furniture?” Here are a few tips from our experts.

Use Furniture Coasters

Sometimes simple objects are the most useful – for example, furniture coasters. These are nothing more than small discs placed under the legs of heavy furniture, everything from beds and armoires to entertainment consoles and couches. It may seem surprising, but coasters actually minimize the chances of furniture making permanent dents in the carpet beneath. The discs absorb and redistribute the furniture’s weight, thus preventing the furniture from pushing directly into the carpet’s pile.

Rotate Your Furniture

While it’s true that using carpet coasters will reduce the frequency at which you should rotate your furniture, we highly recommend continuing a periodic rotation. Doing so goes a long way towards ensuring your living room is free of spots where the furniture has permanently crushed the carpet/pile into the nap. Of course, the fact that carpet manufacturers nowadays can make carpets with different “crush resistance” is something that shouldn’t be discounted – but even if you’ve invested in carpet with a high crush resistance, rotating your furniture still offers plenty of peace of mind.

Rearranging the furniture can seem like a pain, but it’s something you only need to do once every year or two. An annual rotation can extend your carpet’s lifespan by a factor of years, and it’s also a good opportunity to give your room a fresh look.

Choosing The Right Padding

Even though nobody sees a carpet’s padding, it’s still a vital component for reasons such as sound insulation, cleaning, and comfort. The padding also matters in terms of a carpet’s “dent potential” – specifically, a thin, firm pad is better at preventing carpet dents than a thicker, softer pad. On the flipside, the latter type of padding delivers superior noise-reduction and underfoot comfort. So it’s a matter of personal preference, as long as you remember that a thick-padded carpet will require more diligence on your part in terms of furniture coasters and rotating.

Consider Caster Caps

Caster caps serve a function similar to that of furniture coasters, but with a different approach to the dent problem. One side of the cap is a rubber circle that attaches to the feet of the furniture. The other side is comprised of numerous small “spikes” that separate the carpet strands, instead of indenting. Like coasters, very heavy furniture may still leave dents in the carpet, but vacuuming over the dents will restore the carpet to its original look.

All Of Your Carpet Questions, Answered

Whether you have questions about carpet cleaning, carpet repair, or new carpet installation, A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning has the answers. And along with helping you get the most out of your carpet, we also assist with upholstery cleaning, spot removal, and much more. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”

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