Why You Should Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Are you a homeowner or business owner who’s weighing the difference between cleaning your carpets yourself and hiring a pro to handle the task? Here are some important reasons why you should contract a professional for carpet cleaning services near Littleton.


Like most things, the better maintained your carpet is, the longer it will last. If you consider your carpet as an investment just like any other aesthetic feature of your home or business (furniture, windows, roofing etc.), meant to enhance the appeal of your surroundings, then it make sense to invest in professional carpet cleaning services. It might be quicker and cheaper for you to vacuum your carpet yourself, but in the long run a professional carpet-cleaning keeps your carpet looking better and ensures it won’t require replacing for a long time.

Appealing to the Eye

Everyone likes to feel good about their living area or workspace, and part of this is the pride that comes with knowing other people like the way your home or office looks. A clean, welcoming appearance adds to the comfort level of friends, family, clients, and business associates, and it’s this type of appearance that a professional carpet cleaning provides. Stains, spots, and discolorations are easier for a pro to remove than someone using ordinary household products, and the result is carpet that always looks great.

Health Benefits

If you’re an allergy sufferer or someone with breathing issues, being in the presence of a dirty carpet will exacerbate these problems. Self-cleaning a carpet can make some headway towards cleaner, healthier air quality in your home or office, but one drawback is that sometimes an ordinary vacuum will churn up the dirt and release it into the air. Rather than settle for half-measures, rely on a professional carpet cleaner in Littleton that can clean and sanitize your carpet, as well as ensure that any and all irritants are removed from the carpet and the air.

Preventative Measure

Over time, a carpet (especially one that sees heavy foot traffic) can become a breeding ground for dust mites, mold, and other allergens. These detriments can find their way deep into a carpet’s fibers and, let untreated, will begin causing the health issues mentioned above. A standard vacuum and cleaning supplies aren’t enough to snuff these problems out. However, having your carpets professionally cleaned acts as a preventative measure that cleans your carpet from surface to pile, thus prohibiting allergens from establishing themselves in the first place.

Fresh Smell

As much as you might ask people to wipe/take off their shoes before stepping onto your carpet, the reality is that footwear will inevitably introduce a variety of outdoor smells that aren’t always pleasant. Couple this with in-home/office contributors – spills, crumbs, etc. – and you have a recipe for a carpet that may not offer the nicest of scents. The good news is, professional carpet cleaners use special solutions and chemicals that will remove these odors and keep your carpet always smelling fresh.

Along with professional carpet cleaning, A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning offers several other expert services, ranging from carpet repair and spot removal to upholstery cleaning and bedbug eradication. Contact us today for a quote and our latest service specials. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”


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