Winter Carpet Care

Winter can be especially difficult on your carpets. Wet cold season weather means that your carpets need special care during this season. Our tips will help you keep your carpets looking great all season and all year long.

1. Take off your shoes at the front door.

Eighty percent of the dirt and moisture that gets into carpets comes from the outdoors. When it snows outside, you have damp shoes that may carry caked road sand in their soles. Take them off before walking across carpets to keep this out of your home.

2. Vacuum more often.

When a lot of material is being dragged inside, it pays to vacuum a couple of times a week or even more often. Getting to this dust and dirt early can keep it from working its way deep into carpets.

3. Use mats by the front door.

Having a mat both outside and directly inside the front door can remove any dirt and water before it gets inside to start making a mess of your carpets. Clean these mats often so that they can continue to do their job most effectively.

4. Handle stains right away.

Holiday parties mean holiday stains. If someone spills food, wine or another substance, blot the area right away. Spot treat soon after to keep the stain from setting. If you are having trouble lifting the stain, call a professional for carpet cleaning in Denver or Littleton.

5. Have your carpet professionally cleaned.

Consider capping off the winter season by having your carpet professionally cleaned. Because we spend more time indoors in the winter and have a higher chance of tracking in dirt and moisture, carpets can be especially dirty this time of year. By getting your carpets cleaned at the end of the season, you can start the spring with a fresh new look.

We are dedicated to keeping your carpets looking great throughout the year and helping them last longer. Get in touch today for carpet cleaning in Littleton, Parker, Castle Rock or southern Denver!

Call us today at 720.344.2870 or use our online contact form to request your free estimate. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”

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