How Often Should You Clean Your Furniture?

Keeping your furniture clean is important for maintaining its looks and longevity, as well as ensuring your couches and chairs don’t become havens for dust mites and allergens. So how often should you seek out professional upholstery cleaning near Littleton? Let’s discuss.

How often should you clean your furniture?

Although carpet, purely through its ubiquitousness in the home or office, gets more attention from a cleaning point of view, your furniture requires periodic cleaning too. Spots and stains caused by pets and children are a fact of life, as are the attraction of allergens and dust, and general soil buildup. The quantity of these issues, and other problems like fading, will vary depending on a piece of furniture’s placement and frequency of use. But rather than creating a “cleaning calendar” for each individual furniture item, you should have all of your furniture cleaned simultaneously.

Our carpet cleaning experts suggest having your furniture professionally cleaned at least once a year, which is the same frequency at which you would have a pro clean your carpets. An annual deep-clean will keep your furniture clean and healthy, devoid of visible setbacks like stains, spots, and marks, and clear of invisible problems like allergens and microorganisms that can exacerbate the allergies and breathing problems suffered by family, friends, and co-workers. It’s also helpful to vacuum your furniture on a weekly or biweekly basis, but an annual deep clean should be conducted by professionals.

What’s entailed in a furniture cleaning?

Before we begin cleaning, we inspect each piece of furniture in your home or office and create a customized cleaning plan. Don’t worry about any unusual or exotic upholstery: our experienced cleaning pros are familiar with almost every upholstery type you can think of, including velvet, Jacquard, and Haitian cotton.

In most cases, furniture upholstery is more delicate than carpet. Thus, furniture upholstery is more susceptible to damage and/or faded colors if the right approach isn’t used. Depending on the material, our professional furniture cleaners near Denver will either steam-clean your upholstery or use a special dry-cleaning solvent. In both cases, our #1 priority is to ensure the solution we use maintains your furniture’s look and feel while helping it to last longer.

We don’t use any harsh chemicals, soaps, or solvents that leave behind a “sticky” feeling, and everything we utilize is healthy, so you needn’t worry about your kids or pets being around the furniture after it’s cleaned. Our cleaning methods are safe for the entire family, they dry fast, and they naturally resist re-soiling. And of course, we don’t use anything that could damage or discolor your furniture’s upholstery.

Similar to having your carpet cleaned, an annual furniture clean will improve your home’s air quality. Allergens, mildew, and mold can affect furniture in the same manner that they do carpet, and these things are especially prevalent in furniture that sees a lot of use. Through deep-cleaning your furniture, these irritants are completely removed from cushions, lining, and fabric, thus maintaining fresh, healthy air throughout your home or office.

For any questions regarding furniture cleaning and upholstery treatment, contact A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning in Littleton. We’re happy to visit your home or office, review your furniture cleaning needs, and provide you with a competitive quote. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”

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