The Dos and Don’ts of Upholstery Cleaning

When you work with a Littleton company like A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning, you get the kind of top-flight expertise that only comes with decades of experience. Keeping your upholstery spotless is one goal of our cleaning company serving Englewood, and our expert team adheres to a specific set of dos and don’ts.

Do: Vacuum Frequently

Don’t wait until crumbs, dust, dirt, and other particulate is heavily entrenched in your couch, loveseat, or easy chair. Instead, vacuum frequently – daily, if necessary – and ensure that your furniture’s arms, cushions, and crevices are crud-free. Left unaddressed, these materials can cause discoloration and foul odors, yet another reason to keep your vacuum handy. You can also count on our local furniture cleaners to apply the latest, eco-friendliest protective polishes and stain preventers.

Do: Spot-Treat and Clean Stains Immediately

All of us have spilled something at some point in our lives, and some of these substances have been acidic furniture-damagers like wine and coffee. It’s important to spot-clean these spills right when they happen in order to avoid permanent damage to your furniture. An off-the-shelf cleaning product should be enough to stem the tide (depending on what was spilled, and how much) until our team reaches your house and can assess the issue first-hand. For large stains and/or stains made by a highly acidic or toxic product, we’ll address the problem with professional-grade cleaning solutions and high-powered stain removal equipment.

Don’t: Saturate Upholstery With Water

It’s natural for a homeowner to want to attack a stain or spill with water, especially when the spill is made of something notorious for causing long-term damage. However, using too much water can lead to its own set of problems. When excess water soaks furniture, the moisture seeping into the upholstery often causes ripples and/or buckling in the fabric, which can be hard to remedy. In fact, extreme cases might necessitate replacing the item with a new piece of furniture.

If the spill affects your furniture and the surrounding carpet, it’s equally important not to soak the carpet. Too much water can cause wicking, which happens when moisture penetrates deep into the carpet and then rises back to the top, carrying with it any deep-rooted soil and spill residue. But the “wick” is akin to an iceberg, with the surface-visible residue connected to unseen detritus nestled deeper in the carpet.

Carpet wicking, as well as upholstery ripples and buckling is best avoided by using a gentle, low-water approach to cleaning.

Don’t: Ignore Fading Colors

Sunlight, usage, and airborne/product-based chemicals all contribute to furniture losing its color. Fading begins gradually, but soon you’ll see that one area of your couch isn’t as “colorful” as another. Although this is a natural byproduct of furniture ownership, it doesn’t mean your only recourse is to let the fading continue. Our local cleaning company has the expertise to restore the original colors to your furniture and upholstery. At the very least, we recommend consulting us anytime you think it’s time to replace a faded piece of furniture with something new.

Trust Our Experts To Keep Your Upholstery Clean

For professional upholstery cleaning near Englewood, trust A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning. With our help, your furniture will remain clean, vibrant, and stain-free for years to come. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”


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