Tips to keep your furniture and upholstery fresh

The sky is a brilliant blue. The fragrant lilacs and roses are in full bloom. You’ve cleaned the barbecue and restocked your ceramic briquettes or loaded up on conventional charcoal. You’ve worked hard on your yard or patio and want to host a barbecue or friend get-together and have the family over for dinner.

It’s truly summer in Colorado!

As you celebrate the bounty of our glorious state with gatherings, make sure the inside of your house looks and smells as good as the outside. 

Cushion patrol

What do you usually do to usher in the freshness? Perhaps you air out the house, vacuum, dust, or give the windows a vinegar rinse?

As you vacuum your floors, don’t forget to vacuum your upholstered furniture as well. Loads of odors and dirt can be trapped there. Remove cushions from couches and loveseats. As you do this, take note of which side of the cushion was facing up and what part of the couch or loveseat it occupied. We’ll circle back to this later.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve cleaned the couch, have a small trash bag and box handy as you go. Place change, lost jewelry, socks (yes, sometimes that’s where they went!), and toys in the box. Throw away large food debris like popcorn and chips or wrappers in the bag. No shame! It happens to all of us. 

Vacuum underneath the cushions thoroughly. Next, vacuum the arms, back and sides of each piece of furniture. If you have a sofa bed, this might be a good time to vacuum the mattress and check to see if used sheets need to be replaced for the next guest. Vacuuming the throw pillows is a great idea too.

Once everything is clean, vacuum and replace the cushions, making sure to flip them over and rotate their positions as you go. This will ensure more even furniture wear and tear and prevent the dreaded “sofa divot,” that deep, broken down spot on Uncle Larry’s couch where you can tell he sat for 23 years!

If you have upholstered dining room chairs or easy chairs, don’t leave them out. Entertainment room leather chairs can also be a treasure trove of leftover snack crumbs and coins.

Now that you’ve done your summer spruce up (it feels good, doesn’t it?), you’ve likely become more acquainted with your upholstered furniture. Did you notice a particular couch or chair was pretty dingy or dull? Did getting your face close to the recliner make you want to gag because of an unpleasant, uh, odor?

If so, consider regular professional upholstery cleaning. Professional cleaning can remove layers of dirt and brighten used furniture. Regular upholstery cleaning can also protect your health and safeguard your family from molds, bacteria, fungi, pollen, pollutants and tobacco smoke residue.

Professional upholstery cleaning can even extend the life of your furniture and keep it looking newer. 

Guest management

Everything looks and smells great. Now you’re ready for the party, barbecue or book club. But what happens if Veronica decides to bring her beloved Schnauzer, Bowser, the night you are all supposed to discuss All the Light We Cannot See?

Don’t let Bowser lounge on the sofa or the chairs you just cleaned. No. Down boy. Allowing pets on furniture, whether your own or Veronica’s, can further break down and soil your upholstery.

The next time you host a barbecue and guests come in from the inevitable afternoon rain, make sure to clean up any spills that happen immediately. Blot the stain with a clean cloth, and if you’re not sure how to treat the particular stain, call A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning. We can give you phone advice that might just save your favorite chair. Click here for more spot removal advice.

Certain types of stains like red wine, blood and oil can require professional cleaning for removal. 

A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning services Parker, Castle Rock, Englewood, Littleton and more. We are happy to help with any kind of carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning and offer emergency stain advice. We have serviced the Denver metro area for more than 30 years. Several of our employees have worked with us for over a decade. Contact us at 720.344.2870 or use our online form to schedule a free consultation.

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