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Banish mold and mildew with regular tile and grout cleaning

Is your bathroom or kitchen a science experiment? When you take a bath or shower can you see blooms of orange around your shower pan or constellations of dark, fuzzy spots on the ceiling? Has your kitchen or another room in your home started to smell musty? Visible signs and tangible smells are good indicators…
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Five Tips for Preventing Mold on Your Carpet

Mold is bad news, no matter where it is in your home. For most homeowners, a damp basement is prime suspect #1 when it comes to predicting where mold is most likely to take root, but carpets are close behind: reason being that carpets are havens for dirt and dust, two substances that mold thrives…
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Tips for Fixing Water-Damaged Carpet

Fixing water-damaged carpet may seem like a tall task, but the water damage experts at A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning in Littleton have the tools and the know-how to do the job. With our help, you can rest assured we’ll not only clean the carpet and salvage anything reusable, we’ll also assist with mold prevention…
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