Don’t Let The Cold Weather Ruin Your Carpets

There’s plenty to love about wintertime: skiing, sledding, and of course, the holidays. However, increased foot traffic and wintery ground conditions can put your carpet to the test. Stick to these carpet cleaning tips from A Personal Touch Cleaning in Littleton and expect a great-looking carpet all season long.

Dirty Snow Stains

Long ago, before the advent of cars, trucks, and general industry, snow remained more or less white. Nowadays, it’s only a matter of time before the snow that collects on your street and in your driveway acquires a “dirty” texture, which when tracked into a home can leave unsightly stains on the carpet. You can eliminate these by applying soapy water to the affected area, gently blotting over the stain until it disappears. Once it’s gone, you have two choices for removing any excess water: a dry white towel and a vacuum. Go with the latter option if there’s still some loose dirt around the area.

Christmas Tree Care

For many people, a Christmas tree is the item that ties an entire room together during the holidays. But before you can gather the family for decorating and sing-alongs, you need to get the tree into the house. Simply dragging the tree in is a no-go, since the tree is liable to pick up dirt and snow along the way, which is then deposited on your carpet. A sound solution is to wrap the tree in a plastic sheet from the time you purchase it until the minute you reach your front door. Remove the sheet (and the dirt, snow, and detritus that no doubt cling to it) and introduce your clean, fresh tree to the family.

Another big tree-related to-do: waterproofing the area where the tree stand is placed. Make sure the stand doesn’t contact the carpet directly, or you could be left with an unsightly post-holiday dirt ring on the carpet. Another necessary precaution is to avoid overwatering the tree: too much dirty tree water is liable to spill over the edges of the waterproofed area.


We know what you’re thinking: “In the dead of winter, why would I give a hoot about humidity?” A fair question, until you consider that all of the snow that gets tracked into your house doesn’t stay frozen. It melts, and the build-up of water will increase your home’s humidity level and create an environment that encourages mildew growth in your carpet. The solution is two-fold: keep the heat inside your home at the recommended level, and vacuum frequently so that moisture and dirt don’t have a chance to seep into your carpet.


We know this is carpet care 101, but here’s a friendly reminder to put a snow rug just inside your door(s). Shoes and boots are by far the most common way that dirty snow is introduced into a home, but a combination of a snow rug/shoe rack/insistence that shoes aren’t allowed inside will be a big help in maintaining a clean carpet.

Here To Help, All Winter Long

If at any point this winter you a professional’s help with carpet cleaning or carpet repair, contact A Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning. Having served Littleton for decades, across all four seasons, you’ll find our expertise is invaluable when it comes to cleaning and preserving your carpets.

Call us today at 720.344.2870 or use our online contact form to request your free estimate. Remember at A Personal Touch, “We don’t cut corners, we clean them.”


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